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Coating types


1, water-based paint

Water-based paint is diluted with water agent, containing no organic solvent paint, not including benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, free TDI toxic heavy metals, non-toxic non-stimulating smell, harmless to human body, polluting the environment, lacquer thinner plump, glittering and translucent and bright, good flexibility and water resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and yellowing resistance, quick drying, convenient use, etc.

Because of the progress of the age and health and environmental protection consciousness, water-based paint has become the mainstream of future industrial paint wood furniture. The water-based paint has become a mainstream furniture production technology in Europe, Hans, Wagner is undoubtedly the water-based paint, water-based paint based on polyurethane acrylate and acrylic acid, with water as diluent, one-component, a two-component, etc.

Our water-based paint construction is very simple, in line with the health, safety, the green demand of environmental protection, is the internal decoration, bedroom, high-end custom, stairs, children furniture's first choice.

Hans, Wagner of water-based paint research and development, over the years we have with PU paint performance of water-based paint. Low odor, high light fastness and water resistance, high hardness and good touch feeling, good covering power, leveling, colorful and bright, whether manual or automatic spray, can play the best effect.

2, UV paint

UV lacquer paint the use of UV radiation curing. UV curable paint can be applied to printing ink and exposure to UV radiation. The solid content can be as high as 100%, so there is no volatile components and not pollute the environment. High solid content can also be applied to thin film.

Like water paint, due to the government for the volatile gas (VOC) emissions regulations increasingly stringent, UV paint in recent ten years is also indispensable to advocate environmental protection in the furniture paint products.

Called uv-curable paint, UV paint through a particular wavelength can be cured in a few seconds after UV irradiation, coating with high efficiency, suitable for match with mechanical production.

Complete our uv paint products, roller coating, wide scope of application, and adhere to high standards in Germany and the European Union, high solid content, good adhesion, flexibility, high film hardness.

3, PU paint

PU paint is polyurethane paint. PU paint film strength, gloss plump, adhesion, water resistance, wear-resisting corrosion resistance. Is widely used in advanced wood furniture.

Hans PU paint is very complete system, from top to bottom, from high fill to the bright color and have high quality, high stability, and good construction, good features such as the operation.

We have to abandon the traditional pungent smell of PU lacquer, main net system, system of low odor, while maintaining a high weather resistance. Heat resistance, excellent physical and chemical resistance, for all kinds of requirements of high-end furniture products are the best choice.

Transparent system effect of paint film is exquisite, transparency, superior feeling, facade flow flat, at the same time with wear-resisting properties can choose; System of white paint film effect is exquisite, strong hiding power, superior feeling, at the same time with high yellow resistance; Effect of open system into the hole, natural more high-end products.