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 Fu Hui coating equipment is a professional manufacturer of high-end automatic painting equipment vacuum painting equipment, airless spray equipment, paint coating, imitation primer sanding, flat surface sanding light manufacturers.The factory from Barcelona, founded in 1992, has been
Count history. The world's top coating equipment technology, so that our products more sophisticated technology, more beautiful appearance, our products will be on the international stage, exported to Europe and the United States and around the world.
    Our products all over the wood, furniture, wood flooring, composite doors and windows, European American style cabinets furniture, decoration materials, calcium silicate, stainless steel, glass lamp acoustic musical instruments in various processing industries, in the industry has a reputation.
    Today's quality is tomorrow's market. Each of our machines are rich in outstanding painting technology and coating technology, all reflect the "innovation, precision, excellence, efficiency" as the concept of manufacturing concepts. The company has passed IS9001 International
The quality system certification, CE certification, all products have achieved long-term product export license, the factory has been appointed honorary Chinese permanent wooden Specialized Committee units, while participating in the formulation of China cabinets, wooden doors, the external wall insulation board Chinese inorganic paint testing standards
. Products from the design, development, production, installation and service to establish and implement the quality management system, to achieve our quality policy and objectives.
    Fu Hui coating equipment research institute is a subsidiary of Fu Hui woodworking machinery research institutions, won the national and provincial private technology enterprises. Fu Hui has developed its own pre - and post sales service team, set up a test base for coating production, providing technical consultation, installation and adjustment
Testing, maintenance, training, maintenance and other full-service. We use advanced computer systems, with efficient logistics and transport systems, and with the famous logistics and shipping companies closely linked to ensure that customer needs on time and complete delivery, so that customers buy
Rest assured, comfortable.
    Fu Hui coating equipment in the future of specialized machinery in the field, will continue to work hard to innovate in order to base on the world's first-class high-end coating equipment manufacturing ranks.